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Webpages that use ASCIIMathML.js

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ASCIIMathML has been downloaded by over 4000 users around the world (see some comments emailed by ASCIIMathML users). Here are a few public webpages that use the script to display mathematical formulas.

If you are using ASCIIMathML.js on a webpage, you can add your URL at the top of this list. If you like, please add a brief description of your site as well. Thanks -- Peter some amazing slides about the hyperbolic plane (translation of ASCIIMathML homepages to German) - Analytical solutions of geohydrological problems for practical use (in Dutch) Laboratorio Virtuale di Matematica e Fisica An online calculus book (view with Firefox) Swedish Science Forum ASciencePad used for a Calculus course Non Deterministic Approaches in applied mechanics and engineering A program for the statistical analysis of biological dilution assays or potency assays. An ongoing effort by an amateur physicist to analyse collision phenomena. Given N=n_1+n_2+...+n_k beads, with n_1 of color 1, n_2 of color 2, etc., in how many ways can they be arranged in a circle? with instructions on how to set up ASCIIMathML on Blogger A MSNMessenger app that uses ASCIIMath to format equations in messages sent to you. (S5 presentation) Mathematics Hypertext Project ASCIIMathML Editor with instuctions in German Forum on microeconomic theory Math Exercises with feedback (enter a name and any 4-digit code to start) Some natural science problems: what if...? my blog, Chinese Wesley Pegden: Research Interests: Combinatorics, Graph Theory. Includes Open Problems Section, where ASCIIMathML is used. physics for secondary schools - problems and solutions /Slovenian lang. ASCIIMathML instructions in Korean --I have used it with yawk(awk based wiki) (Korean language) (French language) (I use ASCIIMathML not only for the website but also for the project: a Braille to text converter.) (On-line version of (On-line version of

Webpages that mention ASCIIMathML.js and

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