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I have been looking at this WEB page. The idea is wonderful and very useful. However, my browser does not display special symbols, e.g. \vee and \wedge display only as rectangles. Where is the problem and what can I do? Thank you.

Vilem Novak University of Ostrava Czech Republic Vilem.Novak@osu.cz

Thanks for your feedback.

Good point. These webpages use the HTML 4.0 entity names to produce mathematical symbols, but not all browsers display all the symbols. How to fix this depends on what system and what browser you are using.

If you use Netscape 7 or Mozilla 1.1 or higher, then the support for these fonts should be built in.

If you are using Internet Explorer on MS Windows, you can get more symbols to display properly if you install a (any) fairly complete unicode font. (Windows XP often comes installed with some, but this can depend on local language options.) To try if this is the problem, you can download a shareware unicode font at http://home.att.net/~jameskass/CODE2000.ZIP (unzip it, open the Fonts folder in the control panel, then select File -> "Install new font..." and browse to the unzipped file).

Someone with a Mac may want to add some comments on whether they can see the \vee and \wedge symbols.

-- Peter Jipsen

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