Making MathML, ASCIIMathML, SVG, and ASCIIsvg work together in several browsers

Creating cross-browser compatible XHTML files with MathML and inline SVG is still quite a challenge. Here is a possible solution that also shows how to combine these webstandards with ASCIIMath and ASCIIsvg (nonstandard but simple input syntax for the webstandards).

This page shows how to combine valid XHTML, MathML, ASCIIMathML, inline SVG and ASCIIsvg in a way that can be viewed with Firefox 1.5 and IE + MathPlayer + Adobe SVGview.

So we can have links, MathML fractions a b , ASCIIMath fractions `sqrta/b^2` (in red, hover on it to see what was typed),
SVG and ASCIIsvg

The XHTML source contains some comments that may help getting this to work on your own server. Note that using ASCIIsvg with IE requires another file d.svg to be available (usually in the same folder as the XHTML file).

ASCIIMathML.js and ASCIIsvg.js also work in plain HTML files (so this is a simple way to add math support to legacy pages). However if you want to use them together with standard MathML and SVG, you have to switch to XHTML.

Here is a version of this page that does not include ASCIIsvg (it is really valid XHTML).

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