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This page has some links to programs useful for manipulating mathematical structures

* GAP: Groups, Algorithms and Programming * LatDraw: A lattice drawing Java applet by Ralph Freese * MACE: a program that searches for small models by William McCune * Nauty: a program for computing automorphism groups of graphs and digraphs by Brendan McKay * Prover9: An Automated Deduction System by William McCune * Sage Mathematical Software The Sage Group, lead by William Stein * UACalc: The universal algebra calculator by Ralph Freese and Emil Kiss

The JavaScript programs below can be used to extract various information from lists of finite structures in this database. Feel free to copy and modify algorithms to suit your needs (just add a new link to this page and copy the algorithm to the new page).

Local tools (under development): *Display a poset or graph using ASCIIsvg *Display a list of algebras using HTML tables *Search for finite algebras *Translate a list of structures to LaTeX code *Translate a list of posets, semilattices or lattices to LaTeX code using pstricks *Translate a list of structures to GAP format *Translate an algebra to the file format used by UACalc *Find those structures in a list that satisfy a specific property *Calculate congruence lattices of small algebras, and test them for some lattice properties *Calculate automorpism groups of structures *Invoke Otter or Mace on a first-order conjecture