Integrating MathML and SVG in Moodle and elsewhere

Peter Jipsen

Chapman University

Mathematics online and in emails

What Is MathML?


What Is ASCIIMathML?

ASCIIMathML guiding principles

  1. If a student types something that looks like mathematics, it should work (mostly)
    • e.g. \`[0,1] = {x | 0 <= x <= 1}\` gives `[0,1] = {x | 0 <= x <= 1}`
  2. Math symbols are represented by visual character sequences, doubled letters, or names
    • e.g.     \`->\` for `->`,    \`oo\` for `oo`,     \`pi\` for `pi`,     ...

More ASCIIMathML syntax


Why it matters

What is SVG?

What is ASCIIsvg?

ASCIIsvg examples

What is Moodle?

Integrating ASCIIMathML and ASCIIsvg in Moodle

Examples of Moodle pages

Elsewhere: What Is S5?

Integrating ASCIIMathML and ASCIIsvg with S5