August 5-9, 2013, Chapman University, Orange, California, USA

Hazar Abu-Khuzam Generalized Boolean and Boolean-Like Rings

Richard N. Ball Distributive l-pregroups (slides)

Bernhard Banaschewski (invited talk) Choice and pointfree topology (video)

Leonardo Cabrer Unification on Subvarieties of Pseudocomplemented Lattices (slides, video)

Riquelmi Cardona The finite embeddability property for some noncommutative knotted extensions of FL (slides, video)

Ivan Chajda Variety of orthomodular posets (slides, video)

William DeMeo (invited talk) An atlas of congruence lattices of finite algebras (slides, video)

Natasha Dobrinen General framework for topological Ramsey spaces, canonization theorems, and Tukey types of ultrafilters with weak partition properties (slides, video)

François G. Dorais (invited talk) Prospects for a reverse analysis of topology (slides, video)

Patrick Durkin Topology in Logic: Some Examples (video)

Martín Escardó (invited tutorial) Interactions between Topology and computation (video 1, video 2, video 3)

María Esteban Spectral-like Duality for Distributive Hilbert Algebras with Infimum (video)

Hernando Gaitan Endomorphisms of Hilbert Algebras (video)

Nick Galatos Developments on higher levels of the substructural hierarchy (slides, video)

Javier Gutiérrez García On extended and partial real-valued functions in Pointfree Topology (slides, video)

Mai Gehrke (invited talk) Sheaf representations of MV-algebras via Priestley Duality (slides, video)

Steven Givant (invited talk) Duality Theories for Boolean Algebras with Operators (slides, video)

Sam van Gool (invited talk) Duality for sheaves of distributive-lattice-ordered algebras over stably compact spaces (slides, video)

Jeroen Goudsmit The Admissible Rules of BD2 (slides, video)

H. Peter Gumm (invited tutorial) Coalgebras - an introductory tutorial (slides, video 1, video 2)

John Harding Projective bichains (video

David Holgate Sequential and countability properties in frames (slides, video)

Norman Howes A Topological / Modal Logic Theory of Everything (slides, video)

Steve Jackson (invited talk) A new forcing and some applications in the theory of countable equivalence relations (slides, video)

Purbita Jana On Categorical Relationship among various Fuzzy Topological Systems, Fuzzy Topological Spaces and related Algebraic Structures (slides, video)

Olaf Klinke The patch topology, Smyth's stable compactification and the assembly of a frame (slides, video)

Alexander Kurz Extending set-functors to topological categories (video)

Nathan Lawless Generating all finite modular lattices of a given size (slides, video)

Jingjing Ma Lattice-ordered matrix algebras - A brief survey (video)

Peter Mayr Nilpotence and dualizability (slides, video)

Yutaka Miyazaki Graph theory and modal logic (slides, video)

Jan Paseka Tense MV-algebras and related functions (slides, video)

Jorge Picado Point-free generalized nearness and subfitness (slides, video)

Michael Pinsker (invited talk) The 42 reducts of the random ordered graph (slides, video)

Vaughan Pratt A homogeneous algebraic definition of Euclidean space (video)

Hilary Priestley (invited tutorial) Duality theory and B L A S T : selected themes (slides1, slides2)

Jiri Rachunek On the filter theory of residuated lattices (slides, video)

Hamidreza Rahimi Ideal extension of semigroups and their applications (slides)

Dana S. Scott A Stochastic Lambda-Calculus (slides, video)

Dima Sinapova (invited talk) Combinatorial properties of singular cardinals (slides, video)

Mark Sioen On some topological properties of point-free function rings (slides, video)

Josef Slapal On a co-universal arrow in the construct of n-ary hyperalgebras (video)

Michał Stronkowski Boolean topological graphs of semigroups (slides)

Bruno Teheux Natural extension of median algebras (slides)

Timothy Trujillo A selective for R but not Ramsey for R ultrafilter (slides, video)

Spencer Unger Aronszajn trees and the successors of a singular cardinal (slides, video)

Lawrence Valby Axiomatizing Set Bands (video)

Taewon Yang Notes on orthoalgebras in categories (slides, video)

Peter Jipsen (Chapman University), Andrew Moshier (Chapman University), Natasha Dobrinen (University of Denver), Fred Dashiell (CECAT, Chapman University), Joanne Walters-Wayland (CECAT, Chapman University)

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