BLAST 2022

BLAST is a conference series focusing on
Boolean Algebras
Lattices, Algebraic and Quantum logic
Universal Algebra
Set Theory
Set-theoretic and Point-free Topology


The series is based in the mountain/western/midwest region, and circulates between different universities. Previous BLAST conferences

Dates and Abstract Submission

August 8 - 12, 2022

The conference starts Monday morning, August 8,
and ends Friday at noon, August 12.

Submit an abstract (pdf, up to 2 pages) by
June 30 July 8 (extended deadline) at


Chapman University

Orange, California 92866

Beckman Hall, Rooms BK 104 and BK 102

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ALO Hotel by Ayres, please reserve by phone: +1-714-978-9168, ext. 0 and mention the group code BLAST for the BLAST Conference 2022 to get a nightly rate of $119+tax. Reservations must be made before July 28 to get this special rate. Shuttle to Chapman is available in the morning (8am) and back in late afternoon (5:30pm)

Other accommodation options (<1 mile from campus): Best Western, Days Inn

Travel to Chapman:
Orange County Airport (SNA) is the closets airport, with taxi and rideshare services (Uber/Lyft) to the ALO hotel, to campus and other nearby accommodation.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is 43 miles from campus, with shuttle service and similarly priced rideshare service (public transportation by bus and train via LA Union Station is possible but takes much longer).

The train station in the City of Orange is walking distance from campus, and the Anaheim transportation hub (train/regional bus) is 2 miles from the ALO hotel and from campus.

By car Chapman University is easy to reach via I-5, 55 or 22. Parking near campus is for residents only, although street parking adjacent to Chapman properties is unrestricted.

Orange County bus service is inexpensive ($4.50 for a 1-day pass) and fairly easy to navigate with the OCbus smartphone app.

Invited Speakers

John Baez

University of California Riverside

Bogdan Chornomaz

Vanderbilt University

Héctor Barriga-Acosta

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Wesley Fussner

University of Bern

Oghenetega Ighedo

University of South Africa

Serafina Lapenta

University of Salerno

Marcos Mazari-Armida

University of Colorado Boulder

Revantha Ramanayake

University of Groningen

Pawel Sobocinski

Tallinn University of Technology


Tutorial Speakers

Cliff Bergman

Iowa State University

Klaas Pieter Hart

Delft University of Technology

Aristotelis Panagiotopoulos

Carnegie Mellon

Organizing Committee

José Gil-Ferez

Chapman University

Peter Jipsen

Chapman University

Alexander Kurz

Chapman University

M. Andrew Moshier

Chapman University

Administrative assistant
Dana Dacier

Chapman University


Here are the Program Schedule and

Book of Abstracts (pdf)

Presentations (Speaker in bold)

John Baez (invited talk) Petri Nets as a Source of Mathematical Structures (slides, video)

Richard Ball, Anthony Hager, Joanne Walters-Wayland Continuous Convergence in RL (slides, video)

Hector Barriga-Acosta (invited talk) On the Weak Pseudoradiality of CSC Spaces (slides, video)

Clifford Bergman (tutorial talks) Varieties, Quasivarieties, and Maltsev Products (slides I & II, video I, video II, article, demo)

Colin Bloomfield, Yoshihiro Maruyama Fibered Universal Algebra for First-Order Logics (slides, video)

Bogdan Chornomaz (invited talk) On SSP = RC Conjecture (slides, video)

Michael Darnel Quasi-Engel Varieties of Lattice-ordered Groups (slides, video)

Matteo de Ceglie Axiomatising Set Theoretic Multiverses (slides, video)

Luz Victoria De La Pava, Marby Zuley Bolanos Ortiz MV-topologies and MV-uniformities (slides, video)

Matt Evans Satisfiability Degrees in BCK-algebras (slides, video)

Wesley Fussner (invited talk) Representations by Antichain Labelings (slides, video)

Nick Galatos, Wesley Fussner Idempotent Residuated Chains (slides, video)

John Harding Quantum Monadic Algebras (slides, video)

Klaas Pieter Hart (tutorial talks) Three Different Papers (slides I, video I, slides II, video II, slides III, video III, papers)

Oghenetega Ighedo, Themba Dube, Tilahun E. Bayih (invited talk) A Journey into Menger-type Properties in Locales (slides)

Trevor Jack Computational Complexity of Checking Semigroup Properties in Partial Bijection Semigroups and Inverse Semigroups (slides, video)

Peter Jipsen On Partially Ordered Algebras and Preclones (slides, video)

Andre Kornell Natural Deduction in Quantum Logic (slides)

Alexander Kurz Dualities from Double Categories of Relations (slides, pdf, video)

Serafina Lapenta (invited talk) Generalizing the Baker&emdash;Beynon Duality, from Max to Spec (slides, video)

James Madden, Charles Delzell, Oghenetega Ighedo Recent Work on Conjunctive Join-Semilattices (slides, video)

Guillaume Massas Choice-free de Vries Duality (slides, video)

Peter Mayr Vaughan--Lee's Loop is Finitely Based (slides, video)

Marcos Mazari-Armida (invited talk) Universal models for classes of abelian groups for purity (slides, video)

Joseph McDonald, Katalin Bimbo The Stone Space of an Orthomodular Lattice (slides, video)

Connor Meredith Towards a Big New Obstacle Theorem: Challenges in Characterizing Dualizability of Finite Algebras in Congruence Modular Varieties (slides, video)

Imanol Mozo Carollo Putting Cats Together: Completions of Mereological Models (slides, video)

Aristotelis Panagiotopoulos (tutorial talks) The definable content of (co)homological invariants (slides I, video I, slides II, video II, slides III, video III)

Revantha Ramanayake (invited talk) Algorithmic Complexity of Substructural Logics Through Bad Sequences (video)

Anna Romanowska, Tomasz Penza Mal'tsev Products of Varieties (slides, video)

Todd Schmid Presenting Monads with Quantitative Inequational Theories (slides, video)

Jas Semrl Finite Base Property for Algebras of Binary Relations (slides, video)

Jonathan Smith Augmented Quasigroups and Heyting Algebras (slides, video)

Pawel Sobocinski (invited talk) Graphical Relational Algebras (slides, video)

Alexander Wires Central Extensions, Presentations and Hochschild-Serre in Varieties with a Difference Term (slides, video)

Brian Wynne, Anthony Hager Minimum Proper Extensions in Lattices of Subalgebras (slides, video)

Patrick Wynne On the Number of Clonoids Between Finite Modules (slides, video)

Kentaro Yamamoto, Johann J. Wannenburg, Tommaso Moraschini Generalized Ultraproducts for Positive Logic (slides, video)

Yuehui Zhang Directed Partial Orders and Birkhoff-Pierce Problem (slides, video)

Anatolii Zhuchok The Least Rectangular Dimonoid Congruences on the Free Trioid (video)

Yurii Zhuchok On automorphisms of the Category of Free g-dimonoids (video)



If you plan to participate (in-person or virtually), please register as soon as possible using the following link: (expired)


There is a limited amount of financial support, which will be directed toward graduate students and recent Ph.D.'s. To apply for support, send an email of request to .

Your request should mention
  • your status (graduate student or year of Ph.D.)
  • affiliation, if any
  • point of origin of your trip to Chapman.
Please indicate whether you plan to give a talk. If you are a graduate student, arrange for a brief email of endorsement from your faculty advisor to be sent to .

Support decisions will be made starting July 8, 2022.

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This conference is supported by funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Chapman University.